About us

Mineco was established in 2003 and now employs some 2,000 people in 8 European countries.

  • Commodity Trading – Through our London office we procure, market and move non-ferrous & precious metals (including all of our own concentrates and metals).
  • Base Metal Mining – Mineco Ltd operates 5 mines in Bosnia and Serbia. Furthermore Mineco’s in-house Project Delivery Team are working on several development projects in the Western Balkans.
  • Smelting & Refining

Mineco Mines

Base metal mines in Serbia & Bosnia:

  • Rudnik
    Located in central Serbia Rudnik was acquired through privatisation in 2004. Producing lead (with silver grades), zinc and copper Rudnik processes some 250,000 tpa.
  • Gross
    Situated in Eastern Bosnia & Herzegovina, Gross was awarded the concession to operate the Sase mine in 2005. With 6.7 million tonnes of reserves and a further 20 million tonnes of resources Gross is Mineco’s biggest mine.

  • Veliki Majdan
    Located in Western Serbia, 10 kilometres from Gross mine, Veliki Majdan was acquired from liquidation in 2007 with production restarted in 2010. Whilst a smaller mine than either Rudnik or Gross, the very high silver grades support continued investment into this operation.
  • Bosilegrad
    A polymetallic lead and zinc mine, located near the border to Bulgaria and Macedonia, approximately 400km from Belgrade. The project was re-started in 2017 and with over 2 million tonnes of reserves, the production is expected to increase to 240,000 tpa.
  • Olovo
    Approximately a 50 minute drive from Sarajevo, the Olovo project is a monomineralic narrow vein lead deposit, hosted in triassic carbonates. Mining production started in 2018 and the processing facility was constructed in 2019. 

Development Projects

Through the Project Delivery Team, a team of mining professionals all with extensive international experience, a number of new mining projects are under development. Further projects include a greenfield poly-metallic base metal mine in Serbia and a brownfield antimony mine in Bosnia & Herzegovina.