SEG Field Trip Peru

This year, we sent one of our senior geologists from Belgrade Peru as part of the SEG Trip organised by Imperial College. Dragana has gained a lot of experience in the field being with Mineco for several years now and was very keen to go on to this trip to South America to see something entirely different. Read about her experience below:  Peru is a land of contrasts, where the vast desert in the... Read more

Geology in Serbia

Mineco regularly hosts graduates on internships and dissertation placements, providing the professionals of tomorrow with initial experience in the industry. Chloe Lam was this year's candidate selected to go to Serbia. She graduated from Camborne School of Mines and had since worked in gold exploration in Northern Ireland . Read about her experience below:  First day arriving at Serbia has been... Read more

SEG Namibia Field Trip

Namibia Field-Trip The overriding truth for any geologist is: Field-work is everything! There is simply no replacement for time with boots on the ground, hammer, compass and lens in hand. And this is not only true for the field work on projects, but also for building on and maintaining the very diverse set of skills that geologists must have. This year, Mineco co-sponsored a field trip to... Read more

BSc Mapping Project in Rudnik - Part 1

Mineco regularly hosts students from the UK and Serbia at our mining operations, allowing them to make their first hands-on experiences in the industry. This time we have two students from the Camborne School of Mines at our Rudnik Mine in Serbia. Read about their experiences during the first two weeks of their placement here: We landed in Serbia on the 12th of July to be greeted by surprisingly... Read more

Minerals Engineering Training in the UK 3

In collaboration with our Horizon 2020 research partner, Camborne School of Mines, Mineco has been running an exchange and training programme for some of our laboratory technicians. This time, Enila Zuljko has come to the UK for the first time and received training on metallurgical test-work relevant to her job in Bosnia. This is a great opportunity for her to gain experience in the industry and... Read more

A Day in the Life Vol 1: Dragana Stojanovic, Senior Geologist

Mineco employs a very diverse set of talent across our operations, each with specialities and specific duties. In this series of blog entries 'A Day in the Life' we will explore the day to day activities of employees working in different fields to give more insight about what it is like to work for a mining company. Whilst not all careers are associated with geology, mining engineering or mineral... Read more

Minerals Engineering Training in the UK 2

Amela Imamovic works at the Olovo mine in Bosnia as chemical engineer. She was able to come to the UK within the EU funded Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme of which Mineco is a leading partner. She received training in specialised geochemical procedures and metallurgical test work from the experts of Camborne School of Mines in Cornwall. The first weeks of her stay have gone by... Read more

Minerals Engineering Training in the UK

Mineco has recently sent one of our chemical engineers from the Olovo mine in Bosnia to the United Kingdom for specialist training in metallurgical test-work. Amela Imamovic works at our newly established geochemical laboratory in Olovo, where her main tasks include the assay and preparation of geological samples. As part of the Horizon 2020 programme we had the great opportunity to bring her to... Read more

Work Experience in Serbia #2

Going into my second week, it was time to experience something completely new and that was to go underground in an operational mine called Srednji Sturac. This was something I had always been excited to experience, yet at the same time slightly cautious because I did not really know what to expect. After kitting up with a helmet, lamp, boots and overalls it was time to head down the mine and to... Read more
A great outcrop to show folding within the Rudnik property, this sub-horizontal angular fold within a marly sandstone unit is most likely linked to a nearby thrust fault.

Work Experience in Serbia #1

Harry Madeley, a recent exploration geology graduate from Cardiff is participating in Mineco’s work experience programme. Harry has headed out to Rudnik in Serbia, where exploration is ongoing to follow up targets which were generated by a recent aeromagnetic survey. Read here about his experience of the first week: 'I landed in Serbia on the 17th of October and was met at the airport by one of... Read more