Student Placement 2017 - Cardiff University - Week 2

During our second week at Rudnik we continued with the daily tasks and activities we were introduced to in the first week. Through this we were able to further develop our ideas and understanding regarding the operation and the area the project delivery team are currently working on. We started the week stream sediment sampling in the new proposed exploration license area south of the current... Read more

Student Placement 2017 - Cardiff University - Week 1

Our names are Ioan Wellsbury and Daniel Morgan, we will be spending the upcoming weeks with Mineco in Rudnik, Serbia as part of our University summer placement.   Both of us are studying Exploration and Resource Geology at Cardiff University and have just completed our 2nd year at Cardiff and are here as part of our degree. We arrived in Serbia on the 3rd of July and made our way to Rudnik where... Read more

Summer Placement 2016 Cardiff University - Week 5, The Final Chapter

In our final week here at Rudnik we started to wrap up our work, logging our final cores and making sure our notebooks were jam packed of invaluable notes learnt at the mine. To end our trip at Rudnik we learnt and practised stream sediment sampling in a small stream that represented both the Jesenica and Zlatarica drainage basins. Stream sediment sampling is one of the first methods when... Read more

Summer Placement 2016 Cardiff University - Week 4, Sampling and Chemical Analysis.

To start the week, we continued to log cores that had been drilled from the lower Srednji Šturac adit, using the typical ‘core recovery’ and ‘logging’ techniques, but with the additional parameter of ‘rock quality designation’, (a new technique for us), which takes into account the degree of fracturing of the core, measured as a percentage of the drill core in lengths exceeding 0.1m. A high... Read more

Summer Placement 2016 Cardiff University - Week 3, Bezdan (and some football!)

This week we continued to log the drill cores that were being drilled from Strednji Štruac, this really helped us practice and reinforce the new skills we have learnt previously. It also helped us understand how geology is never predictable and sometimes disappointing in terms of following ore veins. Mid week we were able to go underground in the old Bezdan mine, this was a real adventure as it... Read more

Summer Placement 2016 Cardiff University - Week 2, Rudnik

Moving into our second week in Rudnik, we set out into the field with the main focus to locate old pinga and adit workings, excavated during Roman, medieval and more recent times. As we recorded geological observations and structural measurements of these features in our notebooks, it became clear to us that the Roman and medieval miners were extremely smart, as nearly every single one of these... Read more

Summer placement 2016 Cardiff University- Week 1, Getting to Know Everyone.

Hello, my name is Alice O’Neill and I am here from Cardiff University along with Jack Welch. We are both studying Exploration and Resource Geology and are about to embark on our final year, but first, our 6 week placement with Mineco. We arrived in Belgrade on the 29th of June and were met at the airport from which we were taken to Rudnik. Here we were made to feel very welcome and not only... Read more

MSc Dissertation - Week 6 - Mining, Processing & Geochemistry

With the samples in the bags, photographed and weighed – I prepared them for the geochemical assay in the on-site laboratory of Rudnik mine. Upon my visit to the laboratory and I was presented the with the process of sample preparation and analysis by Ljiljana, the laboratory manager. This was particularly interesting to me as I was involved with sample preparation, geochemical analysis and... Read more

MSc Dissertation - Week 5 - Channel Sampling

With the preparations of the last weeks completed and everything in place for my sampling campaign, I set out to take channel samples over almost 200m of strike length across the vein mineralisation. This was to test the grade and thickness continuity of the mineralisation and to correlate it with the structural measurements that I collected last week. Due to the available exposure in the... Read more

MSc Dissertation Placement - Week 4 - Structural Mapping in the Rudnik Deposit

The fourth week was mainly about structural mapping in different areas of the project, the identification of structural features, the measurement of their orientation and analysis of the association with mineralisation. The survey of the structural aspects of the mineralisation is especially important when dealing with hydrothermal vein deposits. This is because hydrothermal vein mineralisation... Read more