Summer Placement 2016 Cardiff University - Week 3, Bezdan (and some football!)

  • Posted on: 25 July 2016
  • By: dom

This week we continued to log the drill cores that were being drilled from Strednji Štruac, this really helped us practice and reinforce the new skills we have learnt previously. It also helped us understand how geology is never predictable and sometimes disappointing in terms of following ore veins.

Mid week we were able to go underground in the old Bezdan mine, this was a real adventure as it isn’t a working mine and is a combination of all three types of adits we see in Rudnik, Roman, Medieval and modern. This was fascinating and helped us to grasp the size of the small adits that were present in the Roman period. Also being able to see the three types of adits in a small area allowed us to interpret the different techniques they used to extract the ore.

Finally this week of course I’ve watched a lot of football. Rudnik is currently in the competitive (honestly very competitive) league of the Rudnik football tournament. This has given a great opportunity to mix with lots of our colleagues here at Rudnik.

So over the past couple of week we have really immersed ourselves in life here at Rudnik and are looking forward to our final couple of weeks here building on our knowledge.

Alice O’Neill