MSc Dissertation Placement - Week 3 - To Sample or not to Sample

The third week at Rudnik began late after my return from a great weekend in Belgrade. We began with an investigation for unexplored vein mineralisation in a distant area of the exploration license. Stream sediment sampling is a common technique for greenfields exploration, as it is a fast and inexpensive method which can direct further exploration efforts. Ideally a sediment sample is taken and... Read more

MSc Dissertation Placement – Week 2 – Developing a work plan

The second week started with a field trip to the Srednji Sturač mountain (meaning middle Sturač) to investigate sites of historic mining (so called ‘pinges’). The survey of these former mining sites is a common approach for exploration, but they are also important for underground development, as voids from old adits could pose geotechnical risks. The historic mining at Rudnik has been ongoing... Read more

MSc Dissertation Placement - Week 1 - Getting to grips with the geology.

My name is Richard Roethe, I am a German student of the Camborne School of Mines in the UK. As part of my MSc-degree in Mining Geology, I have to produce a dissertation that is associated with geological issues which are commonly encountered in the mining industry. Regarding the economical state of the industry at the moment, I count myself very lucky to have been given a ‘hands-on’ opportunity... Read more

Practical Exploration Geology IV - Digitisation of Historic Data

The Balkans are a heavily mineralised region with a long history of mining stretching back to Roman mines of the second and third century. Industrial mining starting with the Austrians in the mid-nineteenth century and a number of British companies, including Selection Trust were present up until the outbreak of the Second World War. Prior to the break-up of Yugoslavia a lot of mines and... Read more

Practical Exploration Geology III - Adit Re-opening

In July Mineco’s PDT started the exploration programme on the newly acquired Rajkovici-Seliste-Celebici (“RSC”) exploration concession located in South East Bosnia adjacent to the operating Supla Stijena mine across the border in Montenegro. Whilst the area had been subject to relatively extensive exploration, both during Yugolsav times and much earlier, there is very limited historical reference... Read more
Core Shed

Practical Exploration Geology II - Drill Core Orientation

Drill Core Orientation in Rudnik The Mineco PDT team have been conducting a drilling campaign at our Rudnik mine in Serbia throughout the summer. As well as using the extracted core to identify mineralisation we can obtain very important structual data (measuring the directional properties of the rock) that is critical in developing our understanding of the wider geological setting. However to do... Read more
Cutting a Channel Sample

Practical Exploration Geology I - Underground Channel Sampling

Underground Channel Sampling in Goražde Mineco’s Goražde Project focuses on an abandoned antimony mine located in the Novi Goražde municipality of Bosnia Herzegovina. The antimony mineralisation is present as vein type or lenticular ore bodies located a) along the tectonic structures/faults and fractures and in b) the contact zone between altered limestone and hanging wall hosted schists/... Read more

Summer Placement - Week 6 Final days in Gorazde

Nearing the end of our truly amazing experience here in Bosnia, we couldn’t help but wonder where the time had gone. Six weeks has really flown by! However with a week still remaining there was more than enough time to learn so much more. With that in mind, it was off to the field where we would begin our final week with some back to basics. We set about mapping along the newly made road in... Read more

Summer Placement - Week 5 Gorazde, Bosnia

Week 5 started with resumption of week 4’s core logging and sampling. After almost finishing with the 3rd borehole, we took some time out to visit the Western part of the license area, Kordici. After mapping a path for the road last week, we revisited to check up on progress and take a look at the preparation for the next proposed drill site. Everything seemed in place and, other than the road... Read more

Summer Placement - Week 4 Gorazde, Bosnia

Having said farewell to our fellow colleagues and friends in Rudnik, it was time to travel onwards to Gorazde, Bosnia. A grassroots project in the rural countryside alongside the magnificent Drina River.  This excited me as the project was in the early stages of exploration, which meant it was back to basics. Large amounts of information therefore remained uncertain, opening opportunity for large... Read more