Underground at Rudnik

Summer Placement - Week 3 Underground

So, we started week three continuing with the work we were doing last week; orientating the drill cores so they could be logged. Orientating of the drill cores is important because, in order to take accurate structural measurements of veins and foliations etc. we need to know the position of that core in the ground from where it was taken. The bottom of each (usually 3 metres) run of core is... Read more
Drilling at Rudnik Rudnik

Summer Placement - Week 2 Rudnik, Serbia

At the beginning of the second week, we prepared ourselves for the field. Magnifying glass, rock hammer and compass in hand we undertook 4 days of mapping within an unexplored area located within the license of Rudnik Rudnik. The countryside was breath-taking. As we worked challenging ourselves in the field we began to interpret the geology and trade theories and ideas with the project geologists... Read more
Mapping at Rudnik Rudnik

Summer Placement 2015 - Week 1 First Impressions

My name is Maddy Tracy and I am here, in Serbia, with fellow student Gethin Richards (more from him next week) for 6 weeks on placement. We both study exploration and resource Geology at Cardiff University and are on placement as part of our degree and also to gain experience, which is important for future employment. We arrived in Sarajevo Airport on Monday the 15th of June and spent the next... Read more