Horizon 2020 Workshop at Gross Mine

09 Jul 2018

Last week, Mineco hosted the second consortium workshop of the Horizon 2020 IMP@CT project. This time, the workshop was held at the Gross mine near Bratunac in Bosnia. It was a highly productive week with many interesting presentations and discussions about the ongoing research project. A special focus was on the social & environmental aspects of the Switch-On-Switch-Off (SOSO) mining concept as well as the technical details and logistical planning for the nearing deployment of processing equipment to the case study site in Bosnia. The consortium also was taken on a tour of the mine’s processing and surface infrastructure, which presented a very useful opportunity to discuss processing methods of variable ores in a SOSO context.
There was even a small sports competition with the local miners, whose skills were far superior to ‘Team H2020’ in football and basketball – but it was great fun for everyone.

These types of workshops are a very important part of an international research programme, as they allow the exchange of new ideas and present recent advances of the individual research parts. Thanks to the great hospitality of Gross Mine, it was a very enjoyable and productive experience for everyone, and we are looking forward to coming back to Bosnia soon.