Rajkovići-Selište-Čelebići ("RSC") Exploration License

09 Oct 2015

Mineco has acquired the RSC exploration license in South Eastern Bosnia. Situated on the border with Montenegro this 50km concession is adjacent to the operating Suplja Stjena mine. Since starting geological works in July Mineco's Project Delivery Team have located and opened some 37 histroric exploration adits in the license area. The team have also conducted an initial wide area survey of the whole concession, conducted a campaign of rock chip sampling and trenching in the more prospective areas. Before winter starts a limited drilling campaign will also be completed on one of the targets. Located in a very remote part of Bosnia, the PDT team are based in the village of Celebici, some two hours away from the town of Foca. There is very limited infrastrucutre in the area and the team have conducted most of the works, including opening the adits and securing them, by hand.