World Environment Day 2016

06 Jun 2016

The UN's annual World Environment Day has been marked again in 2016 by the lead & zinc mine Gross. This year the mine planned a number of activities to increase awareness of the importance of environment protection within the younger members of the local community, through a combination of both work and play. On Wednesday 5th June Gross welcomed over 150 boys & girls; pupils from the local elementary schools in Srebrenica, Sase, Skelani and Bratunac. Our visitors had the opportunity to witness the re-cultivation and management of the tailings facility in accordance with best international practises and standards, with a particular focus on the hydro-technical canal which keeps the clean natural water from the wider catchment area separated from the tailings and technical waters in the dam. The pupils were addressed by a number of speakers, amongst others the Chief Water Inspector and State Water Inspector of Republic Srpska, who gave a lecture about global water cycles, and their role in modern life. To reinforce the theory presented to them the visiting children then participating in activities and workshops, including an opportunity to test water samples by measuring the pH values and electrical conductivity as key indicators of water quality.

For more information on World Environment Day please visit the UN WED site. For more information on Gross's event please visit the mine's website.